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Bijou des Kreuzes


Hintersassen Menu


In the 13th century, the original settlers of Dallenwil were called Uertner. Gradually, settlers from other Nidwalden corporations joined them and were known as the Beisassen. Finally, settlers from further afield discovered the beauty of this area and they were called the Hintersassen.  They brought ideas from outside the region and adapted them to the local conditions. With our Hintersassen surprise menu, we take the best products and cook them with a subtle blend of eastern and western cooking techniques and flavour profiles.




Each week we create a new surprise menu using the best seasonal ingredients, prepared with a subtle blend of Eastern and Western cooking techniques and flavour profiles.


4-course menu.      160.oo

5-course menu.      190.oo

6-course menu.      220.oo


To match your menu, we offer an accompaniment of drinks specially selected to accompany each dish.


4-course wine accompaniment 85.oo

5-course wine accompaniment 105.oo

6-course wine accompaniment 125.oo


4-course beverage accompaniment 85.oo

5-course beverage accompaniment 105.oo

6-course beverage accompaniment 125.oo

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